Design and Refine Your Tech Stack to Make Messages Resonate

As the rapid and widespread growth of digital workplaces has exploded in this time of remote, displaced and hybrid work, more software and digital tools may not always be the answer. In this panel, our experts will discuss how to design and refine your tech stack so your communications are seen and engaged with.

You’ll learn:

  • Cross-channel considerations around how a message should live on multiple channels, including when to repurpose or tweak a message for different mediums
  • How to measure employee engagement with various tools to optimize your tech stack mix and make sure you aren’t overwhelming your workforce with unnecessary touchpoints
  • Best practices for incorporating multiple tools into a larger communications plan that considers the right time for the right tech
  • Greg Bannon
    Acting Director of Internal Communications
  • Debra Helwig
    Senior Internal Communications Manager
    K·Coe Isom
  • Kerry Christopher
    Vice President of Internal Communications
    Cardinal Health