CYA or DOA? Protect (or destroy) your online reputation in the era of fake news

Personal misery. Families torn apart. Businesses ruined. Revenue streams dried up. Negative online information causes all these things—and more. That’s because the Internet can serve as judge, jury and executioner for any person or organization’s reputation. Regardless of whether you did something foolish, are associated with another’s misdeeds or are the victim of a third-party attack, most organizations are ill-prepared for increasingly common online problems. And while many online problems are self-inflicted, a new source of corporate consternation has emerged: fake news. Misinformation disguised as bona fide content can mold public opinion in ways we never previously imagined. This session is your black belt in online self-defense.

Key Highlights:

  • The state of reputation management—the latest threats and opportunities
  • Scams, schemes, hoaxes: Definitions and strategies for handling each
  • Fake news: How disinformation impacts your brand, content and job
  • Advanced online reputation strategies—from strategic “do nothing” tactics to the in-depth covert ops of online crisis management
  • A quick online checklist every exec can use to evaluate your current online reputation
  • John David
    Communications specialist
    David PR Group