Create a Communications Plan That’s Flexible, Adaptable and Transparent—and Grabs the Attention of Your Employees

Your employees are busier than ever. The to-do list is piling up, the house feels like it’s shrinking and most of them have no idea what the future holds. This is where a great communications plan can turn a disengaged employee into an ambassador.

During this session we’ll share the best (but often overlooked) ways to reach employees and help them understand your organization’s goals in the next phase of pandemic recovery. Among them:

  • Cadence: Establish a regular communications cadence so people know when to expect information.
  • Content mix: Show AND tell. Make sure you have visuals, written word, audio-only and videos. Make your message work across multiple formats.
  • Credibility: Get your leadership out front to establish the goals of your business in the next stage of return.
  • Candor: Employees will always sniff out manufactured messaging. Use storytelling to reach the hearts and minds of your staff.
  • Kristin Graham
    Culture and Employee Engagement Consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group