Writing for Execs and Employees: Cut the Corporate Speak Already

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Join to write authentic speeches and presentations for executives and messages for employees that successfully engage your audience on sensitive issues like the pandemic and social unrest.
You'll learn:
  • Insights for crafting honest, authentic executive communications
  • What employees need to hear now—and how to deliver it
  • How to help manage employee stress in times of Covid-10 and social unrest
  • How to plan and pen more meaningful content (including for a diverse staff)
October 2020

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Joanne Callahan is a versatile and accomplished communicator at Con Edison. She writes speeches and communications for the CEO and other senior executives, including reports to the board and messages to employees. Her writing engages the audience on sensitive issues, including the pandemic and social unrest. Her work drives campaigns on clean energy, diversity and inclusion, safety and philanthropy. A seasoned reporter and researcher, she has interviewed thousands of people across the country to help break down complex issues and explain them clearly. She's worked at The Financial Times, S&P Global, and the North American Electric Reliability Corp.