uStudio marketer: How to create measurable, engaging interactive video content

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Let’s say you work for a company that competes for market share against your arch-nemesis, Axis Technologies.

How to get your sales staff essential information about Axis just when they need it? How about a video from your best salesman, who’s winning in the battle for business against Axis?

Join Jennifer Darrouzet from uStudio for this insightful webinar, and find out how to make video a dynamic part of your communications.

See how smart internal communicators use interactive video. Explore the potential of this powerful new vehicle.

You'll learn:

How interactive video boosts employee engagement

  • The best time and place to release a video
  • How interactive video increases your bottom line
  • Why measuring views is insufficient
  • Interactive video examples from Ace Hardware, Alcon-Novartis and more
  • To shoot interactive video with your existing budget
  • How to prove the ROI of interactive video

Interactive videos promote two-way viewer participation, boost employee engagement, and improve the efficiency of messages. People are 75 percent more likely to view video than to read dull text, making it an ideal means of communicating.

Find out how to boost the reception of messages with the help of competitions. Get your employees click through, read and react to these videos in real time. You'll see worker engagement soar, and you’ll reap reliable metrics.

Learn about “blue sky” interactivity, and uStudio’s player framework.

August 2015

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Jennifer Darrouzet Headshot

Jennifer Darrouzet heads product marketing at uStudio. She joined uStudio's research & development team in 2014. She focuses on deploying video for knowledge workers, and collecting data to prove the effectiveness of corporate communication. Jennifer has a B.S. in material science and engineering from Rice University.