Use the power of Yammer and SharePoint together to create communities that foster connections, collaboration and communication

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Social media is an ever-present element in our lives. When you and your employees go home for the night, you're probably using it in some form or another. Why, then, is it missing from many intranets or put in places that minimize its relevance? We'll explore how to harness the power of Yammer and SharePoint together to create a compelling, employee-centric communication channel.

You'll learn:

  • How to make more sense out of the madness with all the Office 365 tools
  • About the power of community management and why it's a must for success
  • Why YamJams are great for genuine leader engagement
  • The benefits of an established "power user" community for answering questions, sharing successes and supporting each other
  • How to use Microsoft Flow to turn your feeds into more than just conversations
September 2018

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Brian Duke is senior manager, communications channels and operations at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He leads a large global team supporting internal business customers in realizing the full potential of the organization's digital tools—with the main focus on SharePoint, Yammer, Flow and other Office 365 applications. Duke's main focus is on Intranet strategy and the creation of dynamic solutions, with a strong drive to promoting a positive user experience and long-term business viability. Recently he led efforts in the design, architecture, development and creation of Thermo Fisher Scientific's new Intranet, "iConnect," which integrates many of the Office 365 suite's best applications into a personalized and consistent experience for more than 70,000 employees globally.