The three-legged stool: Tell your story like a silent movie

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Nothing beats a well-told story. It humanizes us, puts a face on an issue. It helps us connect with each other in ways that data and corporate sloganeering cannot.

In this engaging, informative webinar, you'll learn to communicate better by finding, shaping and telling better stories to your audience. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The powerful evidence behind storytelling
  • The 3 key ingredients of every successful story
  • How to tailor your story to its most essential elements
  • The elements that elevate good stories to greatness
  • A simple process for finding great stories among employees, customers and other audiences
  • Tips to bring out the best stories in others
  • How to make your stories more visual and evocative
  • Performance tips to help you deliver stories better
  • What David Mamet can teach you about crafting great stories

The webinar brings these lessons to life with compelling stories and examples from the worlds of business and entertainment—the sources of some of the most popular and powerful stories in our culture.

You’ll learn how to use stories to motivate employees, strengthen customer relations, build marketplace trust, network more effectively, win business and get more out of life and work.

Those old silent movie directors knew their stuff. They had to tell a story in images, with no dialogue except for that represented by brief title cards. Can you do the same? Learn how.

Discover ways to put interview subjects at ease, and to create a compelling plot. Find out how to make your subject your hero.

You’ll take away practical tips you can use right away to become a better storyteller. Start with Ragan Training.

August 2013

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Rob Biesenbach

Rob Biesenbach is a corporate communications expert, actor, author and public speaker.