Teach your physicians and staff how to blog

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“If you build it, they will come.”

Nope. Wrong again. Not only is it a cliché, when it comes to websites and social media, it’s also advice that will set you up for failure.

In fact, it’s so unbelievably facile, does anybody believe it? Not you, anyway. You know you need a better strategy than that. You need the wisdom of Grace Jones of Dayton Children’s Hospital.

In this recorded webinar, “Teach your physicians and staff how to blog,” Jones tells how, in the last three years, she’s rebranded Children’s “every kid counts blog,” added six new bloggers and increased the monthly views by nearly 400 percent.

She reveals why the blog is so widely read and explains how she passed along writing tips without stepping on toes. She’ll take you step-by-step through her methods for getting good, clear, readable writing out of jargon-spouting M.D.s.

You will also learn:

  • How to become one with your audience. What do they want to read about?
  • How to choose your bloggers: Who in your hospital should blog?
  • The anatomy of a good blog post
  • The writing tips you should teach your bloggers before they write
  • Keep it fresh! The importance of an up-to-date blog
  • How to drive traffic to your blog on all social media
  • How to cross-promote blog posts on all social media
  • Why Pinterest is your blog’s best friend
  • Why tracking blogs and keeping bloggers aware of their stats is vital
  • How to keep your bloggers motivated

Just because you build a blog, it doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. What does guarantee success is getting great bloggers with compelling content.

How do you get the best people to blog? Is it possible to train a proud, prickly doctor (who thinks he’s a perfectly adequate communicator) to write in an accessible, popular style? Can you even teach this?

Answer: You bet. Start with Ragan Training.

March 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Grace Jones

Grace Jones is the marketing communications specialist at Dayton Children’s Hospital. She concentrates on marketing to moms through the web and social media. Grace manages Dayton Children’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram accounts and the blog every kid counts. Grace also handles media relations, direct mail campaigns to new and expectant moms, the monthly “eGrowing together” e-newsletter, and manages video projects including patient stories, service line videos and commercials.