Social media and the law: A primer for community managers

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This presentation, Steve Jacobs warns, is one of those “ugh, legal sucks; why can’t I just post anything I want?” sessions.

There’s a reason for that. This is how the legal system works. There are no preventative measures, Jacobs says, other than knowing what is bad and not doing it and hoping what you do doesn’t infringe on someone’s rights.

Here’s how you learn all that. In this webinar, you’ll find out why legal departments are starting to poke their heads into social media and what you can do to keep out of legal hot water.

Jacobs regales you with lessons from his days as the “legal deputy” for the community management department at 360i.

He’ll share:

  • Copyright, trademark, and right-of-publicity law basics you MUST know
  • What the First Amendment does and does not cover
  • Pitfalls of the top 4 social media platforms; how to avoid them
  • Why “Fair Use” doesn’t cover as much as you think
  • The importance of legal review—when you need it, when not
  • Real examples: case studies of brands who do it wrong
  • Mind boggling examples of brands who surprisingly haven’t been sued yet
  • Best practices for brand-on-brand interactions
  • Why not everyone (including your presenter) loves "real-time marketing"

A brand’s social media content is commercial (unlike, say, your personal Twitter feed). Any restrictions placed on what a brand can and cannot say are about commercial regulation, not freedom of speech.

In other words: Just because you can say something and get away with it does not mean your

brand can. Learn how to protect your organization from social media legal trouble. Right now. Or you may live to really, really regret it.

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January 2015

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Steve Jacobs

Steve Jacobs had a tough time deciding what he wanted to do for a living. After spending some time as a copywriter, a lawyer, a creative assistant, a comedian, a marketer and a website editor, he has amalgamated this perfect set of experiences to thrive as a community manager. teve is a content manager at 360i, an award-winning New York-based digital agency. In his time there, he has created social content for several brands, running the gamut from CPGs to lawn care to major entertainment outlets. He hosts a karaoke comedy show, so expect quite a few references to 80s music.