Social Intranets: How to get amazing business results from your company's internal communication social software

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Nobody reads your company’s intranet. Everyone deletes those emails linking to a new sustainability directive or diversity initiative. And the bigwigs refuse to sink more money into an intranet that doesn’t generate revenue.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be like that.

In this training module by digital thinker and strategist Shel Holtz, the social media revolution isn’t just for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Smart organizations ranging from bakeries to computing giants are transforming communications behind the firewall—and measuring the business results.

It’s all about “technology populism”—giving employees access to the kind of digital tools they use every day.

You’ll learn:

  • How Dell uses its Employee Storm to gage internal opinion without wasting time and money on formal surveys.
  • How Boeing used an internal blog to inform employees about its controversial decision to challenge a lost contract bid with the U.S. Air Force.
  • How Intel wikis can explain jargon that newcomers are too shy to ask about.
  • How employees can post problems—and find solutions within minutes—through internal microblogging tools.
  • Why allowing comments on all pages—even on set-in-concrete topics like your travel policy—can create a better-informed workforce.

A vibrant, living intranet can bring down marketing costs and the time required to get a product from concept to market.

Think blogs are passé? Holtz tells why internal “project blogs” work better than email in updating staff on the status of a project—and how they can save an organization tens of thousands of dollars in wasted employee hours.

Think networking is best left for LinkedIn? Learn how employee-generated profiles can help you track down that person who speaks Portuguese or find the right person to call in a pinch.

Don’t know where to turn for an expert? Learn how self-identified “communities of interest” can be built around people who have expertise in areas like PowerPoint presentations.

Think wikis are strictly for encyclopedias and leakers of top-secret information? Learn how IBM employees used a wiki to gang-draft a social media policy for blogging.

And if your staff seems to be missing their best content on your site, Holtz tells how employee ratings and comments can direct them to the most interesting pages.

If you’re not sure where to turn for the software to make all this happen, Holtz gets into that, too. He suggests “intranets in a box” for companies of fewer than 5,000 employees, and proposes enterprise solutions from giants like IBM. And you’ll learn some of the strengths and weaknesses of SharePoint, the dominant intranet platform.


May 2012

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Presenter bio: 

Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, which advises companies on their digital and traditional communication strategies. He is a seven-time winner of IABC's international Gold Quill award. The author of six communication-themed books, Holtz also is a long-time blogger and pioneer podcaster.