So far, so good, SEO what? Tips and tools to give your copy traction online

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Stop struggling to identify SEO keywords and topics that hit Google's bull's-eye—and your audience's hot buttons. Join to push your copy to the top, where it belongs.

You'll learn:

  • Essential tools: How to quickly research and find high-ROI keywords
  • How to find hot topics that will perform well with readers and bots
  • How to write strong SEO content—from headlines and hooks to landing pages and blogs
  • What writers must know about grammar and Google, as well as SEO writing mistakes to avoid
November 2019

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Julia McCoy is the author of "So You Think You Can Write" and founder of Express Writers. She's a content marketing practitioner, CEO, blogger, podcast host and bestselling author. She has interviewed, trained and qualified tens of thousands of writers in the past seven years running her multi-million-dollar content agency. She's been listed on Forbes as a thought leader, has been named among the top 30 worldwide content marketers, and has a passion for sharing what she knows in her books and online programs.