Small but Mighty: How to reshape your content for mobile

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Most organizations have good content at their disposal. But do you know how your readers consume this content? Don’t assume it’s all through a desktop computer.

Consider the many ways your customers and employees access digital content—by phone, on a tablet or even with a twist of the wrist. A good reading experience is getting more complex.

Don’t dump your print or web content on a phone and call it “mobile.” That doesn’t cut it. Incorporate interactivity that makes every post, tweet or communication a winner!

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Engage your audience on the small screen with features specific to mobile
  • Work with your UI/UX team to practice one-liners and think like a visual designer
  • Make your print and web content mobile to take advantage of interactive, touchable features
  • Test your content on multiple devices and platforms
  • Future-proof your content with mobile-first writing
July 2016

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Susanne Frame is a seasoned writer, editor and content strategist with IBM Interactive Experience, a digital agency that fuses strategy, analytics and design to reshape the future of customer experiences. She has more than 15 years of experience conceptualizing and producing compelling content to inform and engage readers. Susanne collaborates with IBM’s clients to understand their editorial vision and works with user experience designers and developers to translate that vision for digital. Her team’s newsletter, Inside IBM Interactive, received Honorable Mention for Best Electronic Newsletter in Ragan Communication's 2014 Employee Communications Awards. Ragan also awarded them with a 2015 Content Marketing Award for Best Mobile App and a 2015 Employee Communications Award for Best Electronic Newsletter. She recently spoke at the Ragan Corporate Communicators Conference on how to educate, motivate and engage employees through communications.