Sizzle Starts Here: Build More Meaningful Stories Before You Hit Record Part 1

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Without a powerful narrative, it doesn't matter what kind of camera you have or where you post your videos. Join to discover how to plan videos that capture hearts and minds because they speak to a higher purpose through authentic storytelling.

You'll learn:

  • Producer's Perspective: How to unearth golden stories at your organization
  • Premise: How to find the "heart" of your story (especially in a pandemic)
  • Structure Fundamentals: What you must know about narrative structure
  • Authenticity: How to foster truth, openness and vulnerability from your subjects to ensure success and combat audience skepticism
  • Bonus: TV newsroom lessons from Ragan's "Best Overall Video" grand prize winner
September 2020

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Zynara Ng is a video producer at Google, where she creates educational resources for computer science students. For five years prior, she was a global video producer at YouTube, leading the global video production strategy for the YouTube Creator Academy Channel. As a selected facilitator for Advanced Presentations at Google, she leads interactive workshops to enhance individual presentation skills. She also coaches executives and other individuals for external summits. She coached at Google Cloud Next '17 and Google I/O. Ng's mission is to help people find and cultivate their voice, including a heavy involvement with entrepreneurs.