Ragan Intranet Tour: A live look at the award-winning intranet of Domino’s Pizza

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Look at those dadgummed employees, clicking away from your intranet the minute they log on.

You worked hard on those stories. Where’s the gratitude?

Don’t be hurt. Maybe you just need a little inspiration. Join Stacie Barrett and see how the turnaround-genius pizza-maker also managed an internal transformation on its intranet.

See how Domino’s:

  • Engages store-level team members in two-way conversations
  • Puts employee feedback to work to improve the business
  • Informs both franchise owners and store teams on what’s next for the company
  • Changed its entire company culture through a website

Learn how to:

  • Make your intranet a motivational tool, spurring your employees to take action
  • Tell stories digitally that change beliefs and behavior
  • Keep employees focused on important short- and long-term tasks
  • Identify problems and solutions through direct conversations with your employees
  • Apply the Domino’s lessons to use your intranet to change your own workplace culture
  • This is your chance to look behind the firewall at an award-winning intranet, gather expert tips and get answers to your questions.

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April 2013

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Presenter bio: 

Stacie Barrett is the manager of internal communications at Domino’s Pizza.