Powerful principles to craft more credible, compelling, clear copy

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Pressure creates diamonds. That's why journalists strive to write accurately—and compellingly—under deadline. Join for planning, writing and rewriting techniques that will make your prose as credible, captivating and clear as newsroom copy.

You'll learn:

  • Planning and outlining checklist: How to map your writing strategy so you engage your audiences and bosses
  • Persuasive words, phrases and techniques: How to use the language of objectivity to persuade—while still being an advocate
  • How to shun hyperbole but still use compelling nouns and verbs to move readers
  • Easy ways to cut 25 percent of your word count—without losing meaning
August 2019

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Michael Smart is principal of MichaelSMARTPR, where he consults organizations such as GM and Wounded Warrior Project. When a top 25-web outlet sought to get its content shared consistently on other sites, Michael was the person they turned to. His popular presentations are consistently among the highest rated at the conferences he addresses. People leave his sessions to produce and pitch content that earns national media coverage, gets shared via the right channels and ultimately gets seen by key audiences.