Interactive Course No. 3: “Digital Channels: email, intranets, mobile, and digital signage ”

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What You’ll Learn:: 

This course is part of an 8-part series for internal communicators,  the third course in the comprehensive series on internal communications. Click here to see what’s available in the complete series.

In this course, Shel discusses the strengths of intranets, email, mobile devices, and digital signage for employee communications. For example, if you decide to use an email newsletter as your main vehicle, you should send it to a very clearly defined audience, and the email newsletter must above all be short. It can link to longer pieces on the intranet, but never put a large solid block of text in your email. See why Shel agrees with another communicator who told him, “Intranets are the worst thing that has ever happened to employee communications,” and what this means for your intranet.

Shel explains why your leaders aren’t likely to do anything about the email overload that swamps employees. That’s up to you! This course is full of Shel’s personal stories of his days in employee communication, arresting statistics and anecdotal evidence—no other authority makes statistics so eloquent and convincing as Holtz. Just listen to his masterly discussion of why digital signage touch screens, custom departmental displays, and the new ability of iPhones and tablets to access digital signage content directly all make digital signage a powerful new employee comms tool.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why intranets are “the worst thing that ever happened to employee comms”
  • The 6 information sources the intranet has absorbed in the last twenty years
  • The 3 main types of communication on an intranet
  • How “collaborative communication” on your intranet can lead to “huge multiple increases” in readership over your old intranet publication
  • The 4 big advantages of an intranet over traditional employee communications
  • The 6 major problems you’ll face in setting up your intranet
  • The secret to getting email-harassed employees to read your email newsletter
  • Why employee use of their personal mobile devices became so big at work
  • Your future: Examples of front line-employee business communication on BYOD (Bring your own device to work)
October 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, consulting with organizations on content and communication strategies. He has written or co-written six communication books, and is a regular speaker on social media and other communication topics.