Native Advertising (aka Sponsored Content): A Primer on Hot New Opportunities to Put Great Content in Front of Your External Audiences

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Why has “native advertising” initiated such a huge fuss in PR, marketing, and communications?

Just look at the results of a recent study:

Nearly 5,000 consumers read an online page containing a “native ad” integrated into the news content of the site it appeared on, and a conventional banner ad at the side of and separate from the site’s content

The surveyed consumers then answered these questions:

  1. Which ad did you notice and then read?
    52% more readers noticed and read the native ad several times in one session.
  1. Did the ad you read boost your favorable attitude toward this brand?
    40% more readers of the native ad said the ad elicited a favorable attitude toward the brand.
  1. Was your intent to buy the advertised product strengthened by the ad you read?
    53% more readers of the native ad answered “YES” than the conventional banner ad readers.

This is native advertising, or sponsored content, and what you’ve heard about it is all true. Native advertising is the most powerful new form of advertising to appear in the last 300 years.

Shel Holtz believes that native-ad content marketing (a) is already a large part of the corporate PR rep and internal communicator’s job, and (b) native-ad ideas will influence internal PR and communications much more with every passing year.

That’s why he has produced his new interactive course, “Native Advertising (aka Sponsored Content): A Primer on Hot New Opportunities to Put Great Content in Front of Your External Audiences.”

Native advertising (sponsored content) will be a very big part of your future in internal as well as external organizational communications, in employee communications as well as external PR.

Consider: Since the 18th century, selling has been done by direct marketing—that is, by shouting the virtues of your product in print or at the top of your lungs.

To outsell a competitor meant out-yelling him, out-blanketing him in the market with a blizzard of blatant appeals to powerful motives: fear, greed, vanity, pride, love, family.

The new kid on the block, the native ad, relies on an extremely indirect appeal that never says, “Buy my product; here’s why.” The native ad leans heavily on suggestion. It tells stories. It fights for sales by telling stories filled with suspense and drama, human drama.

The native ad provides practical help with problems common to any passing reader. It instructs, it trains, finds new uses for a familiar product. It dispenses tips on the best use of that product from other consumers just like the reader.

Shel wants YOU, the organizational communicator, in control of native advertising. In this interactive course, Holtz gives you the ideas you need to get your business, nonprofit, or government unit started as a formidable Native Advertiser:

  • The 3 types of sponsored content: Paid Syndication, Paid Integration, Paid Co-Creation
  • The 4 kinds of Paid Syndication: Tourist ads, Resident ads, Citizen ads, True native ads
  • Many examples of the best native advertising from Forbes, The Atlantic, IBM, & others
  • How far you can go in blending your content with your news site partner’s content
  • How to set up a co-creation content site written and edited by others
  • How to observe the strict ethics of paid integrated content
  • What the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has done so far to regulate Native Ads
  • How companies distinguish their paid content from their host site’s content
  • How to set up a tourist ad, resident ad, citizen ad, and a true native ad
  • De-constructed paid content in the four typical types of Paid Syndication

When you get through this 60-minute course, you’ll know exactly what native advertising and sponsored content are; you’ll know the pitfalls of content marketing and paid syndication; you’ll know where to look for great sponsored content and the cleverest integration of paid content.

December 2014

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Shel Holtz, ABC, (@shelholtz) is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, consulting with organizations on content and communication strategies. He has written or co-written six communication books, and is a regular speaker on social media and other communication topics.