Meeting the needs of different generations in the workforce and confronting ageism

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What You’ll Learn:: 
Stereotypes abound about different age groups and that can make it difficult to think thoughtfully about the differing needs of Gen X or millennial employees. Join us for a discussion about some common misconceptions about generations and how communicators can better engage these groups by understanding their experiences.
You’ll learn:
  • How to adapt your messages and channel choices for different generations in the workplace
  • Ways in which ageism shows up in communications and how to combat it
  • How to ensure your employer brand is attracting talent of all ages
  • What resources employees of different generations may need more and how to ensure equal access
September 2020

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Abhilasha is a Human Centred Change, Communications and a Certified Design Thinking Practitioner with Accenture Strategy and Consulting. She has an experience of 12 plus years working on Change Management, Design Thinking, Corporate, Brand and Marketing Communications. In her career spanning more than a decade, she has worked with leading organizations and clients in building human centric transformation experiences. She strongly believes in Empathy and is passionate about creating unique people experiences through communication, content and design. A strong advocate of Inclusion and Diversity, she strongly believes in respecting people from individual cultures and unique backgrounds transcending geographies to build highly innovative and successful teams