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You know you should be using digital strategies to develop your PR. But how?

Join Bo Moody and learn new methods of gathering data, finding insights, and developing strategies out of the unruly flood of social media data.

This webinar focuses on real business examples from Virgin and Moneysupermarket. Moody will show you exactly how deep data mining and analysis techniques powered the digital creative projects of these companies.

Join us for this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Why digital measurement is so important—how to update your program without losing sight of traditional PR tactics
  • Why you must learn the path from analytics to insights to value
  • A step-by-step method to gather and analyze data
  • How Virgin used Beyond’s “white space analysis” to develop its content strategy
  • How to boost your brand reputation by listening to the media
  • Why you must segment your data – it’s critical to your success
  • 3 lessons from Moneysupermarket’s analysis that you must use in your next project

When crafting a strategy, step back and consider what conversations are happening online. What people are talking about isn’t necessarily about you and your competitors.

In fact, that’s only a sliver of the online discussion. The vast majority of conversations are about customers’ needs. Brands forget this. You shouldn’t.

Brands tend to talk about “how awesome we are.” People talk about their needs, their family’s needs, society, and popular culture. Find out how to talk about the overlap—and win more business for your brand.

Learn how to engage them. Start with Ragan Training.

August 2013

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Bo Moody

Bo Moody is an accomplished senior manager specializing in digital strategy and management. He has proven himself as a leader capable of managing multimillion-dollar business units. He is vice president at Beyond ( where he leads the insights and analytics team.