Make it Count: Five Pro Tips to Create Equitable Content that Reaches Diverse Audiences

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What You’ll Learn:: 
Pro tip #1: there’s so much more to creating equitable content journeys and customer experiences for diverse audiences than translating content from one language to another. You have to translate sentiment, consider cultural pain points and dialects, look at where your demographic is in its journey with your brand, and remain exceptionally agile through it all. This session will help you look at multi-language content differently, and give you tips to be more successful in reaching diverse audiences. And while we’ll focus on Latinx/Spanish-first audiences specifically, learnings can be applied across the board.
You’ll learn how to:
  • Go beyond translating words to translating stories.
  • Ask the right questions to uncover what problems/pain points your brand can solve for a culturally specific audience.
  • Think beyond translating a flyer or an email (that is not equity!) and look at complete customer journeys instead.
  • Understand why if you can’t deliver an equitable language-specific experience, you shouldn’t be translating a marketing campaign.
  • Maximize learnings to boost the quality of your multi-language communications.
August 2020

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Sonia Acosta is a seasoned, bilingual (Spanish) marketer, brand storyteller, and motivational author based in Miami Beach, FL. She currently serves as Director, Brand Content for Girl Scouts of the USA where she owns consumer-facing brand voice and has played a key role in creating equitable content for Latinx audiences across the country. Sonia’s academic background includes Advertising, Mass Communication/Journalism, and business (Go Gators and Ramblers!). She is an eternal optimist, a champion for authenticity and diversity, and a proud Cuban American who consistently uses her love of storytelling to inspire action, create connection, and provide value. Learn more about her at