Leading Through Change: Communicating Business Decisions Compassionately

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Effectively communicating strategy shifts, organizational changes and even everyday business decisions in a way that make employees comfortable and actively involved is a tall task, made more difficult in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. How can you balance crucial business decisions, while also driving a workforce culture that reflect as well as your brand’s mission and values intact? Katharine Crallé, Director at Brunswick Group, will share how to effectively communicating business decisions while considering employees’ needs and compassionately leading them through this time of uncertainty.
You’ll learn:
  • How you can best relay necessary structural changes transparently and with empathy
  • Ways to address layoffs and more while maintaining crucial workplace processes—especially with remote and hybrid teams
  • How you can still complete critical work such as performance reviews and drive a positive culture during a global pandemic
October 2020

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Presenter bio: 

Katharine Crallé is a Director at Brunswick Group and has spent 15 years advising Brunswick clients around the world, having worked in the London, New York, Dubai, and Hong Kong offices prior to her return to New York. She specializes in helping companies position themselves to global stakeholders, both internal and external, around times of significant change, with a focus on crisis events and significant strategy shifts. An employee engagement specialist, Crallé aids companies in developing change communications campaigns that empower and engage employees around business-critical issues.