Intersectionality and White Fragility: What They Mean for Brands, The Workplace

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Two of the biggest barriers to thoughtfully addressing DE&I are the difficulty many white people have talking about race, and our lack of understanding of how privilege and oppression intersect. Having difficult conversations about race and considering how identities overlap is critical to crafting thoughtful, inclusive communications that resonate with internal and external audiences. During this session, we’ll look at how intersectionality and white fragility can be used as a lens for communicators to avoid alienating audiences and build trust with internal and external audiences.
Learn how to:
  • Understand what is meant by the terms intersectionality, white privilege and white fragility
  • Identify examples of white supremacy ideology in current communications
  • Use your understanding of how privilege and oppression intersect to resonate more deeply with audiences and better examine your own point of view and your limits as a content creatorAvoid messages and actions that generalize the experience of groups or treat them as one-dimensional
  • Craft nuanced messaging that acknowledges the diverse and multifaceted experiences of employees, customers and other stakeholders.
June 2020

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Melissa Kraus Taylor leads Strategy, Insights & Learning for Porter Novelli. Melissa helps clients unlock their organization’s potential through her unique combination of coaching, professional development and strategic planning and research expertise. She creates inspirational programs that can be put into practice immediately based on her understanding of the L&D and PR / marketing fields, with expertise in health communication and behavior change. Consistently rated by participants as an engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter, Melissa has traveled around the globe conducting trainings and workshops.