Interactive Course No. 6: “Communicating Change”

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What You’ll Learn:: 

This course is part of an 8-part series for internal communicators,  the sixth course in the comprehensive series on internal communications. Click here to see what’s available in the complete series.

Holtz starts this course by destroying the myth that people always, in all circumstances, at all times, resist change mightily. It just isn’t true, Shel says. It’s just as true that people seek out change willingly, even gladly. But usually this happens when they have some control over change: a new dress, a vacation in China, a better house, a new restaurant. People do hate change at work when notice of it comes in a last-minute email, after wild rumors have devastated morale.

Shel tells an incredible story full of many telling details about the importance of choosing the right channels for a crucial message. It proves that, for a company in the midst of a massive change, a one-off change communication in the monthly employee magazine will fail massively and ignominiously. Holtz’s bosses were astonished when Holtz did a survey of employees weeks after the award-winning special change issue came out that showed 60-70& of employees had no idea a huge shakeup in structure and personnel was coming. One furious exec wanted to know why all employees weren’t required to read the employee magazine! Shel’s tale deserves study in every particular by employee communicators.

You’ll learn:

  • The 9 reasons organizations choose to change
  • The 12 understandable reasons employees resist change
  • The 3 keys to overcoming employee resistance to change
  • The 3 principles of communication change effectively to employees
  • How to prepare for change BEFORE you communicate change
  • Why communicating often about your industry and marketplace will always be a critical part of good change communication
  • The 4-phase model of change communication
  • What you must do in a change: The 5 change communication imperatives
  • The 6 key roles an effective change communicator plays
  • The one circumstance in which a change communication monologue might work
  • Why face-to-face dialogue at the team level must be the heart of any change communication
  • How a digital change communication center on your intranet strengthens your change communication greatly
October 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Shel Holtz is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, consulting with organizations on content and communication strategies. He has written or co-written six communication books, and is a regular speaker on social media and other communication topics.