Infodemic Inoculation: New Disinformation Data and What to Do About it in 2021

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What You’ll Learn:: 
Sixty-three percent of Americans view disinformation as a major problem on par with gun violence (63%), according to the Institute for Public Relations Disinformation in Society Report. Join to hear more surprising findings—and what communicators can do to help combat the "infodemic."
You'll learn:
  • The disinformation threats most likely to damage your reputation
  • How to plan and prepare for a disinformation campaign against your brand
  • Tools to mitigate disinformation—from real-time monitoring to ethics codes
  • Essential steps to combat disinformation on your social media feeds
  • How to pre-punk, debunk and fact-check messaging against false claims
December 2020

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Presenter bio: 

Tina McCorkindale, Ph.D., APR, is the President and CEO of the Institute for Public Relations, a global industry nonprofit association devoted to research in the profession. Previously, she was a professor for 15 years with more than 10 years of experience working in corporate communication and analytics. She serves on the boards of several industry associations and has received several awards for her contributions to the profession. She has more than 150 presentations and publications in books and journals with a research focus in digital and behavior. She lives in Seattle, WA.