Ignite your messaging with visual storytelling

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What is visual storytelling?

This: Marketing began as pamphlets and brochures. It now must be re-created through a digital lens.

Words aren’t enough. You must create an arresting, pulse-quickening visual experience for customers and supporters.


Join us for this event and you’ll learn:

  • 6 questions you must ask before you create visual storytelling
  • The 5 trends that drive visual storytelling
  • How to find the size and scale of a project before you begin
  • Best practices for client collaboration on a visual story
  • How to set project milestones and stay on track
  • What metrics you must measure, and how

The economics of attention do not mean that whoever shouts loudest gets heard. So what do you do?

Find out why visual stories trend—and not just on Facebook. Join Basford and find out. He will also teach you how visual content locates your brand better than words, and how to reach and engage online audiences with visual storytelling.

Sick of walls of text—or clip-art visual communications? Learn how to create great visual content. And learn who needs to be involved and how teams must collaborate to create great content fast.

Basford pulls back the curtain on actual Google and Facebook campaigns. See real infographics from Facebook—how they were developed and how they were received.

And discover why small, lightweight content—that which can be consumed quickly in a few seconds—plays well in this era of increased competition for consumers’ attention.

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June 2013

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Presenter bio: 

Matt Basford

Matt Basford is director of the Beyond New York office, leading digital strategy for clients as well as client development and new business. He joined Beyond in 2011 and has built a team of digital specialists whose responsibilities range from analytics and content strategy to design, project management and marketing. Beyond mines online data to conceive creative strategies for brands, then helps clients expand those strategies. He manages clients that include Facebook, Google, SAP, Viacom, Novartis and ShareThis.

Formerly, he worked for Bite Communications, managing traditional and digital campaigns for technology brands such as HP and AMD. He helped build the digital division of Bite. He ran content and engagement programs as platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogging were becoming popular.