Human First: Prioritizing Trust and Wellness in the Age of Remote Work

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What You’ll Learn:: 
Employees are humans first. Their work, home and family lives intersect now more than ever. As communicators we must take this into account if we want to earn the trust of our greatest asset—our people! Join to hear how more communicators and leaders are leaning into the principle of human first as we move toward recovery. You’ll learn:
  • The new true north: Why wellness isn’t about offering a gym or massages at work anymore—it’s about normalizing humanity
  • Empathy, advocacy and truth: How GoDaddy’s internal comms team puts these three principles to practice in every memo, speech or email
  • Lessons from Domino’s: How to build a high-trust remote work culture with a value-based approach to decision making, leadership and communications
  • Insights and guiding principles to help you manage through rapid change—no matter what’s next
July 2020

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Presenter bio: 

Carolyn Clark is the senior director of internal communications at GoDaddy, where she designs and executes internal communication, including corporate announcements, culture initiatives, organization and workplace change, mergers and acquisitions, and executive internal engagement. She also leads communications for global HR initiatives, including benefits, performance management, the annual employee survey and more. As the founder of After Ever Communications, she has worked closely with clients like GoDaddy, Pandora and Simpplr to build and execute strategic communication initiatives, focusing in on employee and HR communications. Prior to GoDaddy, she was the global head of internal communications at Yahoo!

Stacie Barrett is the director of internal communication at Domino's. She's responsible for digital and in-person communication to franchisees and corporate team members worldwide. She specializes in integrating messages from all areas of the company into simple, coherent and digestible communications. She leads a team that strategically tells stories through a robust intranet, lighthearted newsletters, compelling video and world-class events. She also leads Domino's Worldwide Rally, an event that is translated into nine languages and brings 9,000 franchisees and team members from over 85 countries to Las Vegas for education, inspiration and celebration. @StacieB