How to humanize your hospital's brand

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In Krista Kotrla’s new 75-minute webinar, “How to humanize your hospital’s brand—step-by-step,” you’ll find out why the right message matters so much.

During this rebroadcast webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to humanize your brand content
  • Why you should involve every employee in your content strategy
  • How to inspire other team members to get involved
  • 5 types of content you should be (but probably aren’t) writing
  • Why you need to add video to your content marketing
  • The 2 most underused web pages on almost every hospital site
  • How to make sure your online brand matches patients’ offline experience

Here’s a secret: People don’t really want to pick a hospital. They want someone to help them.

They want answers to questions. They want someone to acknowledge their unique situation. They want to believe that the people they trust with their health are passionate about helping.

Every industry struggles with being more customer-centric. Hospital communicators especially ought to be more patient-centric than brand-centric—always. That means one thing: Put more humanity in your messages.

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July 2014

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Krista Kotrla

Krista Kotrla is a content marketing strategist with one simple goal: to inspire transformation.