How to design the BEST data visualization graphics and impress all your colleagues

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Data visualization helps you make large quantities of data coherent and interesting with the right design tools. What if you’re not a graphic designer? Betsey DiSanza, a visual communications expert at Kforce, will share her knowledge and insights on how to use free or paid graphic design tools for data visualization and infographics. She'll give practical tips to help you sift through huge spreadsheets of data to build a vivid narrative that will engage your audience. Learn how to use these effective tools to tell stories more clearly than ever before. You’ll walk away from this session with the confidence to jump in and design a great data visualization graphic.

You'll learn how to:

  • Discover. Identify the best free and paid programs to illustrate your data.
  • Expand. Determine how to create a design to engage your audience and emphasize salient points.
  • Illustrate. Let the data tell a story through visuals.
  • Teach. Craft visuals that help your audience learn and retain information better than words alone.
March 2020

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Betsey DiSanza, the client-presentation guru and content communicator for Kforce, a $1.3 billion, publicly traded staffing firm, knows the power of getting communications right. A 10-year veteran of communications and graphic design, Betsey has achieved a strong, balanced relationship between words and visuals that has resulted in an 85 percent client-win rate for Kforce. Because visual communications and the need for data visualization are growing significantly, she believes understanding how to harness the right tools will improve internal and external communications.