How to analyze data and extracting "aha" insights to meet organizational objectives

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Organizations have varied objectives for engaging in media relations and many reasons for analyzing media coverage. Unfortunately, in-house communication teams, their public relations agencies and their media measurement firms all tend to use inconsistent definitions and calculations for reporting results. This session will provide you with transparent, replicable, credible metrics—similar to those presented by your counterparts in marketing, advertising or sales—to demonstrate results, along with examples of how to analyze data and deliver insights in areas beyond media relations.

You'll learn:

  • Where and how to access a free, rigorously tested media codebook
  • How to measure key media metrics—such as tone, dominance, shared mention and corporate reputational messages, among many others
  • How to extract insights and "aha!" moments from your metrics
  • How to tie key metrics to your organization's overarching objectives
December 2019

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Julie O'Neil, Ph.D., teaches and researches public relations, measurement and evaluation and employee communication at Texas Christian University. She combines her corporate and nonprofit background, multiple degrees, a desire to connect the academy and practitioners, and a love for education to improve PR practice. She's published 80+ peer-reviewed journal articles and papers on nonprofit communication, internal communication, standards and media source credibility. O'Neil is senior associate editor of the Public Relations Journal, and serves on the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission, Journal of Public Interest Communication, Journal of Public Relations Education, and International Public Relations Research Advisory Committee.