Health care content: Think like a publisher, tell stories like a friend

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Content marketing is the future of hospital communications.

But many doctors and hospital administrators just don’t get it.

How do you work around the rooted resistance to storytelling, brand journalism, and better patient communications?

In her new webinar, “Health care content: Think like a publisher, tell stories like a friend,” Ahava Leibtag, president of Aha Media Group, will show you:

  • The critical importance of content to health care marketers
  • How to build the right content-writing teams
  • What types of content to produce
  • Most important, how to get content-marketing buy-in from your executives

You will learn:

  • The basics of content strategy: an online publishing system
  • Understanding the difference between branding and messaging
  • How to use social media channels to distribute content
  • Which data you should analyze and which data you can ignore
  • How to persuade your leadership to believe in stories—with numbers that matter to them

This webinar is aimed at communicators in health care marketing who produce brand journalism and content marketing, crank out features about staff doctors’ research-breakthroughs, or tell patient stories in other ways.

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July 2013

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Presenter bio: 

Ahava Liebtag

Ahava Leibtag is the president and owner of Aha Media Group, LLC, a content strategy and content marketing consultancy. Previously, Ahava worked for the federal government, two major advertising agencies and a commercial production company. She also served as the metro beat reporter for The Jerusalem Post. Ahava received her M.A. from Georgetown University and her B.A. from Stern College. She lives in the Washington, D.C., area.