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You’re going for the big-time, right? It’s NBC Nightly News or bust. Why work with bloggers?

Here’s why, says famous food and travel blogger and writer Lisa Lubin: Bloggers are trusted friends to their readers. They show personality—and a loyal audience tunes in for their voice.

So quit missing out on this vital group of influencers and connectors. Check out Lubin’s webinar, and you'll learn:

  • 10 reasons why you want to work with bloggers
  • 5 ways your brand benefits from blogs
  • How to pitch your story to bloggers—one-size-fits-all doesn't work
  • How the blogger pitch and the media pitch differ
  • What not to do—how to avoid the instant cold shoulder
  • How to vet bloggers—know who you're pitching to
  • Real examples of superb blogger campaigns and partnerships
  • Best practices to measure your blogger return on investment

Want more live, immediate, real-time engagement than newspapers, TV and magazines can give you? Bloggers offer fresh content, and they’re hungry. These independent, multi-skilled hybrids—reporters, videographers, editors, and decision makers—are influencing consumers’ decisions and purchasing.

Find out how to reach a blogger, whether it’s via social media, a non-traditional pitch, or a targeted personalized pitch. Learn how to explain what you want, and discover the value of an invitation.

Hear how to do your research, develop a relationship, and focus on their strengths and their niche. And learn the “don’ts” to avoid alienating that blogger you’re trying to cultivate.

Don’t go thrashing blindly into the thickets of bloggerdom, doing nothing but annoying the natives and stirring up screeching jungle birds. Reach bloggers the right way. Start with Ragan Training.

June 2014

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Presenter bio: 

Lisa Lubin

Lisa Lubin is a seasoned media professional with extensive broadcasting, print, and online experience, from live news director to supervising television producer to freelance writer, photographer, publicist, and speaker.  She is a three-time Emmy Award-winning producer, with more than 10 nominations and more than a decade of major market experience in the production of news and programming.