The Executive Communicator’s Role in Advancing a Culture of Inclusion and Justice

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What You’ll Learn:: 

Movements like #metoo, along with discussions about bias and gender pay equity, have sharpened the focus on workplace inequalities and dominated national headlines. Join us  for a thoughtful discussion on the role executive communications plays in managing these hot-button conversations and advancing a culture of inclusion.

Attendees will explore the following:

  • Which national headlines keep top leaders up at night
  • How leaders can deliver thoughtful, powerful addresses that advance a culture of inclusion and diversity
  • How to create human-centered messages that are authentic, empathetic and transparent
  • How different organizations take a thoughtful, authentic stance on contentious social issues


March 2020

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Presenter bio: 

Jacqueline Welch, chief human resources officer and chief diversity officer at Freddie Mac, brings 20+ years of experience in HR, inclusion and diversity strategy and execution to the organization, partnering with the senior team to mobilize and activate people to drive business results. As head of HR, Welch leads a team of experts in the optimal delivery of HR functions such as talent management, compensation, total well-being, analytics and workforce technology, along with emerging business drivers such as artificial intelligence. As chief diversity officer, Welch leads Freddie Mac’s inclusion and diversity strategy, along with required diversity reporting to the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Joseph Dawson is director, strategic communication for the office of the chief human resources officer and chief diversity officer at Freddie Mac. He leads message development and positioning in integrated campaigns to mobilize people to take meaningful action, while also providing communication counsel to senior leaders. Prior to Freddie Mac, Dawson held global communication and digital marketing roles at Fortune 500 companies including the AES Corporation and Advance Auto Parts. He started his career as an economic developer with a local government agency.