Establish Your Executives As Thought Leaders In The Health Care Industry

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From Dr. Fauci to vaccine developers, the public has seen health care experts on the news and social media almost every single day since the pandemic began. While the demand for expert voices on COVID-19 and more is high, it is also difficult to get engagement in such a crowded landscape. Discover how to position your executives as a go-to source on your organization's area of expertise and connect them more strongly to your workforce.
Learn how to:
  • Produce townhalls, press conferences, podcasts and more that establish credibility and trust
  • Develop a strategic thought leadership platform for key executives in your organization
  • Prepare leaders to take the stage in high-pressure crisis situations
  • Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and your own website to share important executive messages
December 2020

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Erika Callahan has cultivated her passion for public relations into a 15+ year career as a results-driven corporate communications professional. She currently leads executive communications at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. In this role, she drives the development of strategic and long-term communications plans to establish executives as thought leaders across the state. She also provides consulting support that helps executives communicate complex business issues to internal and external audiences. Her work advances the company's efforts to develop deeper partnerships with members, civic and community organizations on matters important to their wellbeing.