Employee Communications: How to Manage Employee Fear, Uncertainty and Productivity

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having a massive impact on businesses around the globe as companies struggle to keep their operations running productively despite troubling uncertainties. In this session, we'll discuss four key questions to assess communication during a crisis:

  • What do employees expect from leadership? Key messages to share now—from travel updates and prevention measures, to updated workforce protocols and more
  • How can I empower employees to help me combat the crisis with clarity?
  • Which platforms are best for updating employees? Intranet, chat, email newsletters, town halls
  • How can I ensure deliverability, drive action and track acknowledgement of COVID-19 updates?


March 2020

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Jason Etter heads the U.S. marketing and brand strategy for Staffbase, a company that connects entire workforces through a branded, native mobile app. He has served as an expert in operational leadership, marketing, sales and business development for more than ten years.