The Employee Communications Checklist: Key elements in announcing furloughs, layoffs and re-boarding

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Due to the economic burdens posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers have been forced to reduce their workforce and announce furloughs and layoffs. Announcing these decisions to employees is never easy and could pose major challenges to your organization if not handled tactfully. It's also critical that organization have a plan in place to help employees adjust when the time comes to return to physical workspaces and previous routines.

Discover key practices you should follow when communicating with your workforce on these sensitive topics.

Learn how to:

  • Craft clear, transparent and compassionate messaging regarding layoffs and furloughs
  • Dispel rumors and backlash in response to staffing decisions
  • Provide channels for employee feedback and respond in a clear and timely manner
  • Protect morale and culture in the aftermath of layoffs and furloughs
  • And more.


April 2020

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Ann Barlow is a senior partner and president of Peppercomm’s San Francisco office. She works with clients in food and agriculture, manufacturing, technology and financial services, building omnichannel communication programs and providing counsel to help them meet their business goals. She is particularly focused on employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and reputation management.

Tara leads all things people for Peppercomm, with responsibility for talent management, development, engagement and acquisition for the agency. This includes creating an employee experience that addresses the needs of both our business and team members with the goal of being a sought-after place to work where people can build and grow their careers. Tara is also a member of the executive team, which sets the overall business strategy at the agency.