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Are you really getting the most out of the powerful communication tool email?

Fact: An email employee newsletter makes or breaks your internal communications.

Join Newsweaver's internal comms expert Denise Cox in her high-power recorded webinar to learn how Newsweaver users create high-impact, personalized, engaging, interactive email newsletters employees love to get.

She’ll show you:

  • The email newsletter content that earns the most engagement
  • How to motivate employees to take action
  • How real-time metrics improve communication and prove business value
  • Why email should star in your internal communications strategy

Find out how a great email employee newsletter stops inbox clutter. Discover ways an email newsletter can spur action on your intranet and social media.

Afraid your newsletter doesn’t stand out in workers’ inboxes? Learn how to change that.

If you don’t measure, you won’t matter. Glean tips for measurement insight. And find out how to demonstrate your business value to execs.

Don’t fumble through messy communications or endless emails. Rejuvenate stale communications with this practical, content-packed webinar.

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March 2014

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Denise Cox is Newsweaver’s lead communications consultant. With more than 20 years’ experience in corporate communications and public relations, she brings a wealth of knowledge to internal communication.