Content Marketing: How to produce, publicize and distribute your own content like a media company

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What is “content marketing”? Tens of thousands of stories and features in the telling right now by corporate PR and marketing specialists and by corporate communicators, as well as by outside PR and ad agency writers, will supply the final comprehensive answer to that question.

In the meantime, you need a working definition that will help you and your bosses. You need practical guidelines on how to create superior content and artfully crafted stories: Stories and features that stir up buzz for your company, solve customer problems and foster real conversation between your company and your fans and followers.

What you need is our new interactive course, Shell Holtz’s “Content Marketing: How to produce, publicize and distribute your own content like a media company.”

Listen to this interactive course for just 45 minutes. You’ll be ready to talk knowledgeably and confidently about best practices in content marketing with Web marketing gurus.

If you want deeper knowledge of this powerful new PR and marketing discipline, spend 2 hours on Shel’s module. Take in in his superb slides, his encyclopedic links to classic examples of content marketing, and his charts, graphs, and infographics.

Why MUST you learn content marketing now? Because:

  • Options to view content have exploded in the last 15 years.
  • 50% of page referrals on the Web come from social media. SEO is no longer king
  • In the last 10 years, every news platform stalled or declined except the Web
  • Print newspaper newsrooms are 30% smaller than in 2000.
  • The story cycle, the news cycle, the buzz cycle are ALL much shorter
  • Big stories in old-style media do not equal big stories online

Conclusion: Your company can no longer rely on traditional media to get your message out. The reporters who covered your industry beat just ten short years ago are gone—forever!

But if your company is to live and grow, you must feed the content beast. Newspapers and TV can’t and won’t do it. Therefore:

Your company must become its own media company. You must produce, publicize and distribute your own media content—even if your company’s work isn’t remotely related to media production or journalism

From now on, you—the PR rep or the marketing specialist or the corporate communicator—will be your company reporter—or your organization will find somebody else to write the stories online users find irresistible and easy to share, stories that provoke comment, debate, customer commitment, business ideas and collaboration.

Cisco, Dell, and Intel have hired freelancers and former newspaper and magazine reporters to dig up content about themselves and their customers. Shel shows you potent content marketing examples from all three companies’ content portals.

The heart of this interactive course is Shel’s amazing range of ideas and insights:

  • The eight important types of content marketing
  • Why brand journalism requires classic reporting skills
  • Eight reasons video is so critical to content marketing
  • Why shared content is a powerful engagement and marketing weapon
  • The last step in content marketing—beyond making interesting content available
  • How content marketing turns traditional advertising on its head
  • Why Shel loves company blogs as a vehicle for killer content marketing
  • Third-party-sponsored content portals— a strategic content marketing tool
  • The key to creating product awareness through expert sharing
  • The question you must answer after you have their awareness of your product
  • Why the so-called “marketing funnel” (AIDA) doesn’t work anymore
  • How trans-media storytelling differs from multimedia storytelling

What is the immediate goal of content marketing?  Holtz says, To make people want to read your content as much as they want to watch a PBS special on sharks or volcanoes.”

How will you recognize when you’ve got real content marketing instead of just another routine quarterly sales or business process story? Here are some infallible signs:

  • The three crucial characteristics of content marketing stories
  • Content marketing must be a real-life story, interesting without reference to your product.
  • Content marketing must be discoverable online. Why SEO-friendly content  is no long as important as it once was.
  • This is critical: The old notion of “proprietary content” is dying or dead. Content marketing means “shareable content” first, last, always.

Shel reveals why you’re wrong if you think email marketing is dead. Did you know that email open rates on mobile devices have grown 82% in the last year?

Shel is at his best on the much-argued-about subject of measuring your content marketing. He shows you why content marketing measurement does not necessarily mean proving ROI.

“Use common sense,” is Shel’s advice. Not everything communicators do fits into the formula for ROI, but that shouldn’t stop you from showing the numerical results of your content marketing to your bosses.

You can measure business results in many activities on social media: How your results match your business goals, engagement behavior trends, sentiment, share of online conversation, and influence, to name  a few.

Shel suggests what to show your bosses while you grow your online audiences.  Once you’ve built your audiences, you can measure outcomes of vital importance, like “conversions.”

No other teacher of content marketing approaches Shel as a gatherer of superior content on this subject. Shel’s bibliography of printed, spoken, and filmed resources on content marketing is a fabulous object lesson in how to collect good content.

You’ll spend days absorbing ideas, examples, and best practices from the authorities he catalogues in the “Resources” section of his module.

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December 2014

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Shel Holtz is the co-author of Tactical Transparency, How to Do Everything with Podcasting, Blogging for Business and three other books. As principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, he has provided communication counsel to PepsiCo, Symantec, The Mayo Clinic, Encyclopedia Britannica, SunLife, Kaiser Permanente, Cargill and Textron. He is a regular speaker at communication conferences, including many Ragan events.