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A few years back, AIG was looking to keep employees informed throughout the financial crisis—and to capture and amplify growing optimism as the company weathered the troubles.

So it redesigned its intranet and published the digital version of its magazine, unifying the company’s multifarious intranets through a universal navigation bar.

Did it work? Did it ever.

Join AIG's director of global intranet services, Victor Aviles, to see pages from the intranet and view best-practice screen shots. The presentation will boost your own planning.

You'll learn:

  • Why you must have social features—and how to get execs on board
  • How to engage employees, build a following, and grow your site
  • How to build your case for an intranet overhaul
  • How AIG combined legacy sites, created a user profile system, added social features, and created a consolidated intranet employees love—within 3 years
  • How to manage complex content production schedules, organize news archives and keep content fresh

Find out how the communicators at AIG looked to the company's 90-year history for a way forward—and how you can find inspiration in your organization’s history.

Learn about the milestones AIG set in revamping its intranet—user profiles, mega-menus, “single sign-on,” and more. Hear how AIG earned a spot as a top intranet in 2013: clean navigation, deep news archives and consistent user experiences on two different technical platforms.

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July 2013

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Victor Aviles

Victor Aviles is a director in corporate communications for American International Group, where he is responsible for global intranet services. Aviles leads the company’s internal digital strategy and oversees the global portal services team, which serves 63,000 employees worldwide and provides operational support to the global corporate communications function. Aviles joined AIG in 2007, and has overseen the development of the company’s first-ever enterprise portal, Contact. Among the site’s notable features are its mega-menu, which facilitates an intuitive, user-friendly navigation throughout the site, regional “editions” and its new search function and employee directory, which serves as a hub for all employee information. Previously, Aviles worked with Hewitt Associates as a consultant, at UMDNJ as a communications manager, and at Vivendi Universal, developing skills in internal, crisis, and marketing communications. He received his bachelor’s degree in communications and international marketing from Pace University.