Bring Order to Chaos: Lessons from the CDC to Support Your Crisis Leader

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What You’ll Learn:: 
The right message at the right time from the right person can save lives. That's according to the Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) course taught at the CDC. Join the crisis guru who actually created that course to learn from her horror stories—so you can help your people make difficult decisions when the unthinkable happens.
You'll discover:
  • Top 5 mistakes in crisis leadership communication
  • How to support your leader in crisis times to avoid your own horror stories
  • Essential persuasion skills for when you're on the hot seat
  • CDC lessons learned: What's wrong with crisis comms plans today
  • What's next: What you must know about risk assessment going into 2021
December 2020

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Presenter bio: 

Barbara Reynolds Ph.D. teaches at Tulane University and is a former senior communications and crisis advisor at the Center for Disease Control (CDC). She's author of the book "Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication" and CDC's Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication course, which is now taught worldwide. Her communication expertise has been used in the planning or response to pandemic influenza, vaccine safety, emerging disease outbreaks and bioterrorism. She has acted as a crisis communication consultant on health issues for France, Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, Canada, former Soviet Union nations, Middle Eastern countries, NATO and the World Health Organization.