Boosting Clarity, Ditching the Muck: A veteran editor’s guide to streamlining your message and bolstering your credibility

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The contemporary desire to adopt a conversational tone has resulted in an oozing marsh of ambiguities, redundancies and just plain sloppy writing.

Help your writers and readers out of the swamp:

  • Rediscover the importance of grammatical structure and syntax.
  • Emphasize word choice to deliver potent messages—and to preserve your authoritative voice.
  • Excise filler words and phrases that slow down and turn off your readers.
  • Use proper punctuation for consistent communication.
  • Avoid the trap that makes audiences zone out before they even reach your second paragraph.
August 2016

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Rob Reinalda is a veteran editor with decades of experience. Before joining Ragan Communications in 2008 as Executive Editor, Rob spent a quarter-century as a newspaper editor, including stints at the New York Daily News, the Chicago Tribune and The Record (Bergen County, N.J.). His humorous and informative essays on language and writing can be found on and The Huffington Post. He also has guest-written podcast scripts for Grammar Girl.