8 strategies from Intel: Inspire your employees to be healthy, create a vibrant workforce and save your organization money

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Want to prove your worth in your organization? Here’s an idea. Save them a few million bucks with your wellness program.

How? Reach distracted employees. Connect with them. Get them off their duffs and on the treadmill. And keep them there long after your launch is over.

Not so simple, you say? This series webinar gives you the expert tips, practical tactics, and best practices to create a new workplace wellness program—or energize an existing one.

You'll gain insights into the research, the communication strategies, and the motivational tactics that will keep your slackers striving. With the right program, you will reduce sick days, boost retention, and see harder-working employees.

Or join us and learn how to:

  • Create a memorable brand for your wellness program
  • Get support from the top
  • Bring stakeholders on-board with clear goals
  • Make employee participation simple and easy
  • Push health and wellness to the front of every employee's mind

The result? A vibrant, happy workforce. And big health care cost savings for your organization.

Join Morgan Anderson for this webinar and she'll share the proven strategies that will inspire your employees to become the healthiest versions of themselves.

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August 2013

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Morgan Anderson is the marketing and communications manager for Intel's Health for Life programs. She develops and manages the strategy for Intel's health and wellness programs, affecting about 50,000 employees in the U.S.