7 steps to communications that engage employees and boost business results

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You know you need to keep up with the changing environment.

But as you run on the hamster wheel of daily responsibilities, do you know what and how to change?

Join Newsweaver’s Jamie Pert for wisdom drawn from Newsweaver’s customer base of 400 blue-chip organizations in 97 countries.

In this 75-minute webinar, you’ll get:

  • A 7-seven-step checklist to improve communication that you can instantly put to use in your own organization
  • Tips to adapt your comms to new technologies your audience uses
  • A look at best practices from Newsweaver’s internal comms-based Customer Success Community
  • Case studies from Newsweaver’s global customers: How they achieve great internal comms

Gain help in setting objectives. Find out how to measure your impact and share your results. Obtain clarity in choosing your channels and analyzing your audience. And find out how to encourage engagement.

You’ll learn the questions you must answer—among them:

  • What is the business need?
  • How can communication help fulfill that need?
  • What must we communicate?
  • What action do we want people to take as a result?
  • How will we measure success?

Analyze your audience and figure out whom you need to communicate with and where they are. Take into account languages, devices they use, and whether they can all access the same tools.

Glean tips for device-friendly designs (for one, use a single-column layout), and gather ideas for communicating with remote workers. Find out how to pick the channel that best meets objectives, and make it easy to move among channels.

Learn to craft your communications by figuring out how to modify your message to match each channel, and front-load content for online.

Quit running yourself ragged on the hamster wheel. Register for Ragan Training, and join Jamie and dozens of other experts for practical advice that will dramatically improve your communications. You’ll see real results.

October 2014

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Jamie Pert is senior internal communications consultant at Newsweaver, where he works with customers to ensure success in their email and internal communication. He also does product development, marketing and training, and optimizes customer experience for internal comms teams at Newsweaver.