The 2019 Social Media Advertising Webinar Where and how to invest to unlock your brand's potential

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What You’ll Learn:: 

Pay-to-play is here to stay. Yet keeping up with the pace of change in social media advertising can be difficult. Join to demystify and get ahead of the latest paid social media strategies you'll need to increase reach and ROI in 2019. Andrew Bates (AARP), Caitlin Angeloff (Docusign) and Dennis Bye (Microsoft) will teach you how to drive engagement, conversions and revenue from top social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify which platforms matter—and which don't
  • Use laser-focused ad targeting to reach niche audiences
  • Set smarter goals to build followers, leads, sales and branding
  • Merge organic and paid social media strategies for greater results
  • Design social media ads that drive marketing funnel ROI on Facebook, 
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even LinkedIn
December 2018

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Presenter bio: 

Dennis Bye is the director of digital marketing, global digital and social media leader at Microsoft, where he created the Microsoft Global Social Marketing Council and the Microsoft Social Marketing Operating Model, structuring how the company practices social media marketing. Prior to Microsoft, he was a senior marketing manager at Apple. His specialties include digital strategy with focuses on social and emerging media, online user experience, content creation, web development, content aggregation and distribution, SEO and SEM.

Caitlin Angeloff heads global social media strategy and operations at Docusign, a leading enterprise digital signature company. She's a veteran digital marketing and social media leader with experience across both enterprise and consumer technology. As CEO of boutique social media advertising agency Admosis Media, she helped companies like Alaska Airlines, Amazon and a range of early-stage tech startups build, run and optimize their paid social media programs.

Andrew Bates is the director of enterprise data strategy at AARP. A veteran of internet technology, data analysis and digital marketing, he's focused on the deployment of a big-data initiative that will connect AARP's many technologies and systems, including its social media initiatives and channels. For 20 years, he has developed winning marketing strategies and multi-channel attribution models for organizations, including Navy Federal Credit Union, DuPont, American Cancer Society and Rosetta Stone.