10 tips to become a better corporate writer

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When we talk about writing, “corporate” isn’t, as they say, a four-letter word. But it might as well be.

Everyone knows corporate writing means stuffy, jargon-choked prose that makes readerzzzzzz...

Huh? Oh. Right. Point is, anyone who has ever tried to break free from bureaucratic long-windedness and corporate-speak in writing knows how hard it is to buck the house style.

Don’t sit back and take it anymore. Arm yourself. In this recorded webinar, “10 tips to be a better corporate writer,” Farr shares simple, powerful strategies to boost your writing’s readabilty and clarity—without getting fired.

If you’re sick up to here with “synergizing transformative modalities,” ready to throw a chair when you hear “positive communications challenges,” on the verge of hurling yourself out the window when someone propounds about “low-hanging fruit,” simmer down and join Robin. (Quick! Before you harm someone!) Learn:

  • What to embrace to improve your writing
  • What to avoid so you don’t kill your content
  • The rules you should break
  • How to develop a single voice within a team of writers
  • Where to find inspiration to keep going when techno-babble makes you want to turn up your toes
  • When employees love what you write, it’s much easier to persuade leadership to respect your writing style and leave the jargon behind.

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August 2014

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Robin Farr

Robin Farr is the communications manager for WestJet Airlines, one of Canada's most admired companies and a recent inductee into the Corporate Culture Hall of Fame. She directs the team that keeps WestJetters informed about and engaged with what’s happening in their company.