Communications Overload! Communicating With Managers to Reassure Overwhelmed Employees

As digital fatigue makes it harder to engage employees, internal leaders must work with managers on the front lines to ensure they are equipped with the proper conduct, responses and resources to keep their people engaged, informed and productive. By helping managers to deliver and explain the cascade of internal communications,  you also are assisting  in promoting employee well-being and minimizing the chances of their direct reports feeling spread thin.  In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to create and refine communications guidelines for managers when rolling out new initiatives or announcing changes
  • Strategies for tweaking and optimizing those guidelines to meet the unique structure and organization of various teams
  • Tips for providing well-being resources to aid managers in their messaging such as FAQs, resource links and suggested talking points
  • Ways to establish a feedback loop so managers can share employee reactions and concerns back up the ladder
  • Jim Ylisela
    Co-Founder and Senior Partner
    Ragan Consulting Group
  • Rick Knudtson
    Co-founder and CEO
  • Megan Witherspoon
    VP, Communications