Communicate with Pictures: The writer’s role in creating powerful infographics

Let’s face it—people have a short attention span for words. Statistics show a 14 percent increase in page views when press releases contain a visual, and Facebook has a 37 percent higher level of engagement with images than with text. How can you use visuals to get your communications read? In this workshop, you will learn best practices and techniques to create a visual story with your words, and ultimately command those connections between your readers and your message.

Key Highlights:

  • How to tell a visual story
  • When an infographic is appropriate
  • Infographic types you can use
  • Easy-to-use tools for writers to create their own infographics (i.e.—Canva)
  • Strategies for using the infographics you create
  • Exercises to identify the images in your words that distill information into digestible chunks
  • Don Harder
    Associate Creative Director / Art Director
    CBD Marketing
  • Mary Olivieri

    EVP and Executive Creative Director
    Colman, Brohan and Davis