Category 5 alert: Irma’s lessons for the new age of natural disasters

From hurricanes to earthquakes to wildfires, the past year saw countless deadly disasters. The urgency surrounding these catastrophes provides powerful lessons in crisis communications—including those learned by Baptist Health South Florida, a network of 10 hospitals. As Hurricane Irma approached, the communications team rapidly mobilized all its platforms to inform its communities. The integrated response across social media, traditional media and internal channels was a huge undertaking, and it serves as a model for any team preparing for tomorrow’s threats today. Join for a behind-the-scenes look at this Category 5 crisis response.

Key Highlights:

  • Manage teams with an integrated, digital-ready crisis plan
  • Plan for effective media relations during a crisis
  • Lead your social media response in a crisis
  • Monitor, measure and adjust your crisis plan on the fly
  • Dori Alvarez
    Communications director
    Baptist Health South Florida
  • Georgi Pipkin
    Media relations manager
    Baptist Health South Florida
  • Valeska Valencia
    Social media manager
    Baptist Health South Florida