Building Better Business Fluency

Being an effective communicator starts with speaking to the needs of the business with authority and expertise. In this panel, we’ll share the best ways for you to get invited into the room where decisions are made. Hear real-world tips on applying your business acumen to develop communication plans that meet the needs of your various stakeholders. You’ll learn:

  • Important business language and disciplines that can enhance reputation and ascribe value to your efforts
  • Tips for interpreting annual reports and financial statements
  • Strategies for tying communication plans to the bottom lines that leadership values most
  • Ways to negotiate more budget for your communications efforts and your team
  • Joyceann Garippa
    Director of Content & Programming
    Ragan Communications
  • Chintimini Meadow Keith
    SVP, Corporate Communications
  • Cheryl Fenelle Dixon
    Communications Consultant and Adjunct Professor
    M.S. Strategic Program at Columbia University
  • Karen Freberg, Ph.D.
    Professor in Strategic Communications
    The University of Louisville