Build Successful Influencer Relationships and Get Creators on Board with Your Brand Efforts

Organic reach on social has diminished drastically. But influencer partnerships can more than make up lost ground — and dramatically boost reach and results for your brand messages. Here’s how to supercharge your influencer marketing efforts in your overall Paid/Earned/Shared/Owned (PESO) communications mix — without breaking the bank.  You’ll hear:

  • Partnering: How to identity and work with the right influencers to create a mutually beneficial partnership that spreads your message on social media
  • Budgeting: A breakdown of what influencer campaigns cost and resources to set a baseline
  • Process: How to improve the information flow to help scale your influencer program
  • What’s next: Exciting new ways creators are working with brands beyond sponsored content or affiliate programs—as consultants, in-house and UGC creators for hire—and what it means for your organization
  • Lia Haberman
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Fit Body App