Brilliance On Demand: Breakthrough Creative Processes to Inspire, Transform and Accelerate Your Writing

Creativity is the coin of the realm—it’s what bosses and clients pay you for, especially if your creative ideas inspire customer action. But it’s not always easy to deliver brilliance on demand, is it? Good news: You can learn easy exercises to successfully tap the creative corners of your mind—even when you’re under extreme pressure to perform. You can use these methods to quickly write copy people want to read, share and act on—whether via a speech, announcement, article or even PowerPoint presentation.

Join CDB Marketing’s Executive Creative Director Mary Olivieri to learn how to change the way you think to improve the way you write—so that you deliver prose that is must-read and must-share for your audience every single time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Free association exercises to let the words come freely
  • Creative translation exercises to breathe new life into your words
  • The creative process that transformed the marketing of James Hardie Building Products, BASF & Firestone
  • How to uncover hidden words and topics by using pictures and other unconventional inspiration
  • Savvy ways to manipulate your “same-old” writing style
  • How to inspire your own creative thinking using successful examples
  • Mary Olivieri

    EVP and Executive Creative Director
    Colman, Brohan and Davis